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Monday, February 25, 2013

AttentiOn!!! tick Tock tick Tock

Assalamualikum ....

miss my blog nowww sy ade entry bru dalam pala otak sy ...g pown kn smpena nak nak 11 tahun da ne ...

bukan umur sy ar 11 tahun tp .... sila rujuk yg ini ukeee yg blahhh KaNan ade 10 Yearss .. 11 monthss and 4 daYs ...

28022002 - in luv

28022003 - still in luv

28022004 - still in in luv la

28022004 - just fren ( no connection ) aHhaHahha mean da breakkkkk

28022010 - continue again u my BFF

28022011 - im in luv again ....

28022012 - luv luv more

28022013 - jeng jenggggg i'll updated on d date la

3 days more ....

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