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assalamualikum... nothing much to say... blog ne just for my personal anything yg nunu share kat cni just my life... if my blog disturb ur self, so please go away.. i dont need ur in my life!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

waahhhh its 10 years oredy! !!!

Assalamualikum. . .

Da lm x update kn o_O Hehehe time busy keje mmg ar susa nk update , pg je g keje blk je trus tido tp sy mmg like sngt2 keje sy tu. . . Tp sedey jodoh x pjg :'( but anyway its not about my career its about my luft?

Nunu bkn nk mgada2 ar nk tulis kt blog ne , i just want to share my happines (pe2 korg ckp pown ak x kesah coz yg penting i luftyew la sm dia)

D cni nunu nk say thanks to him coz still luving me . . Accept me n always wif me.. Sy sngt hargai nya thanks dear . . .

<3 i luftyew so much <3 B-)

cayank tak??